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My Voice is non-profit organization that helps teach and train photography skills to people with hearing impairment, to help them tell stories and leverage their standards of living in society

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MyVoice is non profit organization that is taking an action to help hearing and speech impaired individuals to tell their stories through photography.

The Challenge

Negative consequences including feelings of shame, depression, low self-esteem, and social isolation may be directly related to internalization of relatives’ stigma.

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Deafness and speech impairment are one of the most significant disabilities at birth. Approximately 1-3 in 1000 children are born with moderate-to-severe hearing loss.

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Helps us to help others

Helps us to help others


By sharing your time, energy and skills with MyVoice, you can help us change the lives of deaf photographers. It’s also a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and enhance your CV. Whether you have just one hour to give, or can help us on a regular basis, we need you!

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There are many ways you can become part of the MyVoice, and support our work, whether you have time, photography equipment, money, knowledge or skills to share. Your generous contribution will go entirely to making MyVoice’s programs possible.

Our work is only possible because of the generosity of our supporters. Your donation – however big or small – can make a big difference to the lives of deaf photographers. In case you are interested in helping us out in any other way, we would love to hear from you. You can also become a part of our mailing list to receive updates from us, our publications and invites to future under MyVoice events!



Photography course material will be developed with the involvement of our skills in the photography industry, and the touch of sign language translators who have studied the behaviors of deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. The courses will be delivered with the use of prepared contents. There’s a structured learning circle and a timetable to be followed.

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